David Trullo | Coin (P1017249a)
photo transfer on ceramic, 2016

David Trullo is a visual artist based in Madrid. He has had numerous exhibitions both in his own country and all over Europe and the Americas. He has participated in art fairs and festivals such as ARCO, Estampa and PhotoEspaña in Spain and Art Miami and The Armory Show in the US.

He was artist in residence in the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin in 2002 and at the Karl Hofer Society, Universität der Kunst Berlin in 2010. Last solo exhibitions at Museo Lázaro Galdiano and Museo de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, 2017.

His photo and ceramic artworks deal with the iconographical representation of beauty and the different levels attached to representation, context, reproduction and distribution of images. In all of Trullo’s photographic work there is a connection with history, with the culture and belief of the Western world, where subjects such as prejudice, intolerance, religion, gender, desire or pain look into the past with a contemporary eye.