Farrand Bloch | Plastic Man: Lorenzo 0130
photoprint on dibond, 2017

For me, dance is a great source of creativity. The work shown here, is made with some very inspiring dancers, who’s input is vital for me during the creation of my work. Basically, I work from various concepts, drawings or even a whole mood board, which I show to the dancer before we start the shoot. The theme mostly comes down to the self inflicting pain or suffering on oneself in daily life.

I started wrapping my dancers in plastic foil, asking them to loosen themselves from this very suffocating situation. The emotions and motions during this moment of breaking and tearing from the very tight plastic foil resulted in very dramatic and alienating images.

Plastic seems to be one of the most polluting elements in our environment. It is all over us and even penetrates into our bodies. Slowly smothering live and it is almost as if we can’t get rid of it anymore. Undeniably plastic has a beauty side too, it will become more and more a part of us in a positive way.