Neil Curtis | Black 62
photography from the series “the body is the surface”

In a Black session the body of the model gets painted step by step with black paint until the entire surface of the skin is covered.

Neil Curtis art is a combination of painting, performance, photography and film. But the center of his work is the nude and painted human body. He is influenced by Vienna Actionism, Robert Mapplethorpe and Keith Haring.

In a Canvas session Neil Curtis only uses the colors red, blue and yellow. By mixing them together, the entire body becomes an mixture of colors.

XPS stands for Experimental Painting Session. In such sessions the body gets covered in one or more colors, gets overpainted or camouflaged.

Bringing art to the street was part of Neil Curtis’ performance in New York. The two models were first painted in a Replace Clothes With Paint performance, next their bodies were overpainted with red and blue paint and finally went out on the streets in SoHo, Manhattan.

Replace Clothes With Paint is a series of 100 performances in which Neil Curtis literally replaces the models clothes with paint. This is a symbolic transformation from our world, in which we are defined by our clothes, into the world of the artist.