Alberto Escobar | The Arrow of Cupido
watercolor on paper, 25 x 17,5 cm, 2021

What is it that causes inspiration in an artist?
It is a question that I imagine many artists have gone through at some point in their lives, that question happened to me when I was 18 years old when I didn’t even know that I wanted to paint as an artist.

10 years after asking that question, I moved to another country, changing my residence to Brazil for study reasons, and that’s where the answer came: the Brazilian male model would be my theme in this phase of my life.

This model really responded to my technical and aesthetic demands that better dialogue with my personal poetry: homoeroticism, since it allowed to represent it in various scenarios, themes in a way that could be in an explicit and non-explicit way. in these artistic representations it was the freedom and comfort of the model that would define whether the final work would be explicit or not.

Generally, encounters with models end with an intimacy that shares sexual interests on both sides, part of the creation process makes it possible to create a link of tensions between the artist and the model that may or may not culminate in a sexual act. Part of these encounters are also represented in my artistic work since
I definitely live as an artist and artistically represent what I live.
This is my Brazilian affair.