AlbertoEscobar | Be proud, be free
oil on figueras paper, 33 x 22 cm, 2020

Quickly, according to the social and / or sexual motivation of his gaze, the receiver will establish a kind of standard portrait of the person he sees, breaking it down into familiar signs that will later guide your entire relationship with that person and his way of translating it into an artistic work.

As a form of inspiration, this was what happened to me in Brazil upon my arrival in 2018 and with the pictorial production from that period on.

Brazilian corpolatry has precisely overlapped with this significant “body”, actively modifying the physical appearance of the social actors, so that it no longer provides only spontaneous and natural information, but also intentional, fabricated information that fully guides the interpretation of a Brazilian homoeroticism that is guaranteed as an element of inspiration in my artistic poetry.