Amaro della Quercia | Untitled 1
charcoal on paper, 101 x 72 cm, 2022

Amaro della Quercia, (born in 1982 in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal) obtained a degree in Fine Arts at (Centro de Artes e Comunicação Visual) of Lisbon, and a bachelor degree in Art History at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

He lived 4 years in Italy, where he held individual exhibitions, “Sacro & Profano” (Montefano, 2015), “I Volti della Parola” (Cefalù, 2015), “A Sua Immagine” (Camerano, 2016); “Alzati e Cammina”, subject of Jubilee of Mercy (Pilgerzentrum Centre, Rome, 2016), “Misericordia Voglio e Non Sacrificio” (Palermo, 2016); “Fissare lo Sguardo” (Montefano, 2017) and “Oltre la Figura” (Montecassiano, 2019).

In Lisbon he took part in a a group exhibition called “X”, which took place at Galeria Arte Contempo (2010). He worked and is currently working on book and covers

His work mainly focuses on drawing, searching for techniques and materials based on traditional patterns but also exploring unconventional solutions. The human figure is his main subject, ranging from the sacred to the daily life, which are often mixed in non classical contexts valuing ordinary people in an implicit erotic charge.