Dmitry Bitjukov | Retro 1
photo, 24 x 17,8 cm, 2022

The past year 2022 was full of emotional upheavals, worries, unpleasant surprises and stress. The present has become frightening, and the future is hidden in the fog of the unknown, promising nothing good. I, like many others, was confused, depressed, and deprived of any inspiration. This year I practically did not draw pictures because I did not feel any creative forces in myself.

And in order to find an emotional way out of this situation, I decided to turn to the past – I took out my father’s old film camera and started doing retro black and white photography.

This time I present a series of self-portraits made in the spirit of the first half and the middle of the 20th century. A century that was also restless and full of troubles and horrors, but which eventually found a way out for a peaceful and prosperous existence. I hope that in our future we will also be able to find a place for peace, harmony and a prosperous life.