Gérard Raymond Pierre | I write to you from Pandemonium -
Letter III

ink and pastel on arches france watercolour sheet with fringed edges, 640 gr.,
77 x 59 cm, 2021

Like every time I must introduce myself as an artist, I refuse to talk about myself and only attach importance to my work. This work is inseparable from my attraction, my need, my love of men. It is also a reflection on gravity and grace. I am obsessed with the idea of transcendence, and I am in constant struggle against everything that prevents us from rising up.

As a homosexual, I had to endure all my childhood and adolescence the mockery, the insults, the blows of my congeners who thought themselves normal and me a monster that had to be brought back on the side of real men. But these «real men» were also the ones who liked to play with me in forbidden games when we were alone.

The hypocrisy of the situation formed my mind to hunt down any form of intolerance. Never to think of the world in Manichean terms. It has also made me a being cut in half that seeks its unity in art: unity between the mind, the head capable of seeking the universal, and the body, object of covetousness, inexhaustible source of enjoyment and pain.

I have long wandered around the world to find the only possible way to express all my rage against institutions, churches, my sometimes stupid and ignorant contemporaries, too often dangerous to the point of killing those they consider different, but also all the beauty of the universes surrounding us. And, like his mirror- image, all the beauty that I have always found in the soul and body of my lover. This is the source of my creation.