Joris Verdonkschot | Bocy & Soul
bronze, height sculpture 62 cm, plinth belgian bluestone height 8 cm, edition of 8

I think a sculpture should have its own vitality. Not so much a portrayal of natural life force, movement, physical action, but a concentrated energy, an intense life of its own that a work can have independently of what is presented.

When a work possesses this powerful vitality, I associate I do not merely attach the word beauty to it. Beauty, in the spirit of late Greek art or the Renaissance, I do not only set myself the goal in the work.

But in addition to beauty, precisely the power of expression. In the first case, the aim is a caress of the eye, in the second to a spiritual vitality striving, which for me is more moving and touches me deeper than the senses.

Because an image does not stop at imitating of natural appearances, it still meansnot an escape from life, but rather a penetration into reality.

I always try from a state of innocence to follow my passion and always try to follow another side of myself. Attempts to express the meaning of life, a quest for a more intense experience.