Ose del Sol | Man of Atlantis
digital art, A3 to A0, 2021 - 2023, available on print

The beauty of the human body is fascinating.
As an artist I like to represent it using the different techniques available, and I am still impressed by the numerous possibilities.

On Tuesday, January 16
Exploring, investigating- letting my mind flow. The results is never made up beforehand. Created on a digital tablet, with custom brushes.

On Wednesday, January 17
Just wandering up 5th Avenue, on a Sunday morning. Naked, free and all in control of who you are….and being proud of yourself.

On Thursday, January 18
Water is life, water brings life, water is fun. Just feeling it caress your body, playing in it, enjoying time with good friends and loved ones. That is the best summer ever.

On TFriday, January 19
This painting on canvas, is part of my PG collection, where different roles are portrayed. A fascination world of love, lust, respect and enjoyment.

On Saturday, January 20
Just use your imagination, it is all in a gesture a look or a smile. We all live and learn. Yet another painting on canvas, a part of my PG collection.

On Friday, January 21
Have fun and enjoy life, treat one another with kindness and respect. Happy day to you….. Yet another painting on canvas, a part of my PG collection.