Reb Daza | Element – Pablo
oil on canvas, 102 x 92 cm

Reb enjoys using stunning pictures as his inspiration when painting attractive men. Just like this portrait of Pablo Kaestli. Making good art requires taking into account a lot of factors. Never attempt to be flawless or imitate another artist; instead, always remind yourself of your true aesthetic. The authenticity of your works is crucial. You may have a guide, but I don’t support extensive copying. The more you put your unique stamp on your job, the more pride you’ll feel.

From a technical standpoint, you never paint an actual portrait.
As an artist, you paint shapes, values, and colors and you connect them with types of edges. If you’ve properly done it as an abstract piece of art, then the portrait emerges from it.

This one comes from the image of Radu, an athlete model. A portrait artwork can be anything that specifically depicts a face, such as a sculpture, painting, or photograph. Traditionally, portraits feature one or more people, a group, or the artist herself. They primarily show the head, shoulders, or part or the entire body.

River Viiperi is portrayed in this painting. Personal fave of Reb. It’s straightforward, yet it brings attention to the attractiveness of the masculine facial figure by highlighting it against a dark background. Like in photography, the subject will always stand out if you are taking a picture of it in direct sunlight with a dark background.

2017’s Mr. Gay World. The inspiration for this artwork came from John Raspado. Years after he claimed the world championship, Reb personally met him at a gathering. John represents the homosexual beauty god of the Philippines on the international stage, and his humility goes far beyond his attractive appearance.
The standards Reb seeks for his works.

Reb spent more than a month finishing this piece because he utilized so many different mediums, including gold leaf and acrylic mediums before applying the top layer of oil paint. Versace’s pattern was used as the inspiration, and a hot male model served as the topic.

Reb’s eyes were drawn into a really eye-catching photograph right away. It shows four men playing I in an image. The mud has a homoerotic effect. Even though they are wearing jeans, it creates an incredibly surreal vision.