Richard Yeung | Man in “The Shoes”
digital artwork, 27 x 33 cm, 2021

Project: Men in Painting / Model being placed in the work of old master painting which give it another dimension to the piece.

Richard Alexander Yeung grew up in Hong Kong. From his younger age he kept busy with drawings and designs and participated as President in the Art Club in his high school. From his first work as a graphic designer in a small advertising agency in Hong Kong, he learned the trade from A to Z. He has been working in the Netherlands for more than thirty years as an independent Art Director, Graphic Designer and Product developer.

With three years in the 90s between his other work, he worked as a make-up artist for well-known agencies in Amsterdam and Milan. During that time, he worked with many well-known professional photographers and started his love for photographing. With his strong sense in concept development and the eyes for art, he started from 2020 a few free-work photo projects bring the male nude in different concepts in photos as well as digital artworks.