Rinaldo Hopf | Social Distancing - 1
watercolor & ink on international newspapers, 14 parts, 200 x 500 cm, 2020

I was staying as Artist-in-Residence at the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles when the pandemic started in March of 2020. I was working on a mural on the outside of the building in honor of Tom of Finland’s 100th birthday in May.

Lockdown started in L.A. in the middle of March. There I was, stuck in a beautiful old house filled with thousands of masterpieces of gay erotic art. I was in the middle of an exciting metropolis – but unable to move freely.

The abundance of sexual imagery combined with the strict rules of distancing gave me the idea of depicting men doing autofellatio in an orgy setting. A sexual activity that is completely self centered and autonomous. It’s a symbol of the times, hyper narcissism combined with the current necessities of distancing. As background I chose newspapers from around the globe.