Stephan Tobias | On the Rock
digitally altered photography, 80 x 60 cm, 2019

Observation, interaction and artistic expression for me often come as a fluent process.

I seriously distrust photos as an expression of reality. Everyone finds his own truth in a picture, any picture.

A photo, like any other visual expression, is but the beginning of a further journey of the mind of the recipient.

If I combine photos with grapical interventions I want to focus on what a picture can do.

Pictures can entertain or raise questions. Great pictures often do both and adress fundamental issues.

Nudity sells. Casual nudity, regrettably enough, still is impossible in most cultures. Why not turn this sad fact into an advantage? With my nude modelling I keep collecting for a picture stock, which I like to use for stating entertaining thoughts playfully, for a more attentive crowd of spectators.

Art is about interaction and collaboration. Thanks to my friend Marco, on beautiful Ischia island, for taking the underlying photos for this series. In socially restrictive Southern Italy I am still his only model who will agree to pose nude for him.