Ton of Holland | St. Oeigoeirus
face swap, 100 x 75 cm, 2022

Our current “cut & paste” era, characterizes itself by idolatry and vilification, by winners and losers, and also by idolized characters and their “imitability”.

Heroes and villians, saints and martyrs have always been very useful ‘influencers’ for the Catholic church, that invented a system to show the holyness of their most venerated saint by placing a halo around their heads on statues, paintings and stained-window depictions. A simple aureola attribute immidiately made their status obvious.

Canonizations have become pretty rare these days, but idolatry is more popular than ever: movie- and pop stars, sporters, deejays and influencers have taken that position. The most important saints of our era have been depicted by Ton of Holland in an archetypical fashion. Sexyness in a new way.

FACE-SWAP shows 17 portraits of faces composed of dozens of unkown people from all kinds of cultures, that combined have delivered us a new archetype face that represents their entire group. The only thing these totally different people have in common is their gold-yellow aureola, while the white backgroud has erased their individual history and circumstances.