For the calendar 2018 we are looking for interesting artists
to participate in this project.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail
with some information.

The following artists are participating for 2017:

Anthony Ozorai
(Belgium); Anton Abela (Malta); Bart Mertens (Belgium); Carmine Santaniello (USA); Cornelius McCarthy (United Kingdom); Dan Simoneau (USA); Demir(ov) (Russia); Dennis Coenraad (Netherlands); Diego Tolomelli (Italy); Dmitry Bitjukov (Latvia); Eric Lanuit (France); Ewoud Broeksma (Netherlands); Farrand Bloch (Netherlands); Fedya Ili (Russia); Gabor Gozon (France / Hungary); Hannes Steinert (Germany); Hans Abbing (Netherlands); Hans van der Veen (Netherlands); Henning von Berg (Germany); Ivo Blanck (Germany); Jaap de Jonge (Netherlands); Jaap van Ek (Netherlands); Jan Mattheus de Grauw (Netherlands); Jim Ferringer (USA); Johan van Walsem (Netherlands); Keith King (United Kingdom); Kevin Peterson (USA); Maciej Kempinski (Poland); Manolo Yanes (Spain); Marcel Julius Joosen (Netherlands / France); Maurice Nuiten (Netherlands); Musk Ming (Germany / China); Niels Smits van Burgst (Netherlands); Peter Colstee (Netherlands); Peter Kooij (Netherlands); Peter Schauwecker (Germany); Rinaldo Hopf (Germany); Roland Berger (Germany); Ron Amato (USA); Ruud Schoemaker (Germany / Netherlands); Sabatino Cersosimo (Germany / Italy); Sergey Sovkov (Russia); Seva Galkin (Russia); Sven Oliver (Germany); SvendA (Danmark); Ton of Holland (Netherlands); Uwe Franck & Ralf Wehrle (Germany); Vincent Keith/Mascular Studios (United Kingdom); Wim Beullens (Belgium); Wim Heldens (Netherlands); Wim van Gerven (Netherlands).

information about the artists and artworks in the calendar
can be obtained via Gallery MooiMan

Your Daily Male 2017
tear-off calendar
368 pages full-color
14,8 x 21 x 4,2 cm